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Fix eMail problems


(Either drop your computer off to us in New Milton

or we can work on it remotely over the Internet)


eMail is a vital part of the Internet which allows you to send messages to people all over the world, instantly, for free. But what when it goes wrong?


eMails sent to you first arrive at your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) Mail service; when you connect to the Internet and run your mail programme, your ISP sends them to your computer. If you send a message to someone else, it first goes to your ISP, they forward it to the ISP for the recipient, and then it goes to their computer. All in seconds. The incoming and outgoing mail servers are different, so it’s quite possible for you to be able to send out emails but not receive them, or vice versa. In some cases, both fail.


In most cases, the problem is not with your eMail itself, but it’s the settings on your Mac computer. You might have entirely the wrong password, or the server name might be wrong. Other more technical settings (such as port numbers, SSL etc) might also be wrong. In rare cases, the ISP’s own eMail servers go down and everyone’s eMail fails until the provider fixes the problem.


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