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Speed up your Mac

Has your Mac computer slowed right down? Do programmes take ages to load instead of seconds? Is the dreaded spinning rainbow wheel driving you round the bend?


A slow Mac can be very frustrating.  Especially when time is money, and you're

having to keep waiting for your computer to catch up with what you've told it to do.

Man pushing snail

There are many reasons for a Mac computer to run slow.

  • Malware

  • Lack of spare disk space

  • Corruption of data on your hard disk or Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Unnecessary applications loading (some of which you've possibly forgotten you ever had!)

  • Preference settings being incorrect

  • ... and several more


We will connect to your computer, giving you remote IT support, and run a wide range of tests to figure out why your own Mac is running slow, and then do everything possible to fix it. In most cases, we'll run the tests from our end but occasionally we'll talk you through tests that can only be done by you.


You don't need to put up with a slow Mac. We're here to help.


This service costs only £100 and should take around two hours.  If it takes longer, we charge nothing more.


Click here to book a convenient time for us to carry out this work.



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