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Mac computer crashing


(Either drop your computer off to us in New Milton

or we can work on it remotely over the Internet)


Macs crash when something has gone horribly wrong.  When a programme 'crashes' it generally either freezes completely or unexpectedly quits.  In general, when one programme crashes, it doesn't affect the other programmes that are running.



Sometimes the whole system crashes so nothing works.  Typically the clock (top right of your screen) stops completely. Or the Mac just reboots.



Don't ignore crashes.  They are often a sign that something serious is going on (such as the data on your hard disk has become corrupted) and if you don't check for problems (possibly by running 'First Aid' from the Disk Utility programme) and fix them, the machine will eventually stop working completely.  At that point, the only option is usually to erase everything on the hard disk and start from scratch.  All your data is gone at that point and you can only restore from the backup you've been making conscientously every day.  You have been making backups, haven't you?  If not, ask us about Time Machine!


If you don't have a backup, we may well be able to make a copy of most or all of your data before dealing with the issue that is making your computer crash, so that we can ensure that it is protected.


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