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Full service

When you first got your Mac, everything seemed fast and efficient. It was a pleasure to use. But over the years, problems begin to develop.


It slows down. It occasionally crashes. Odd error messages begin to appear. Websites start to report that your software is too old to work properly. And eventually, it feels as though your Mac needs to be replaced.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 11.27.03.png

In short, it doesn't feel like a Mac anymore.


But – although clearly an old Mac can't be as super-fast as a new Mac – are you sure that it's actually running at its peak performance?  The chances are that it isn't, and it could be made to, with a full software service from TekWizard.  We'll go through all its software and settings, ironing out wrinkles, giving it a software-facelift, and making it feel young again. You may well find that, with a bit of TLC, it will last you a good few more years. 

The whole process generally takes about two hours, and costs only £100, but if it takes longer than expected we don't charge any more. To get started, just book an appointment by clicking here.

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