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Fix spinning rainbow wheel


Oh, that dreaded spinning rainbow wheel! Sometimes known as the Spinning Beach Ball of Death (SBBOD), this annoying phenomenon is the Mac’s way of telling you it’s working so hard that one (or more) processes simply can’t deal with anything else right now. So if you see the wheel, and try to type something into your word processing programme, no text will appear.


Spinning Rainbow Wheel

The wheel appearing for only a few seconds is fine. The Mac does have to work hard sometimes, and giving it a few seconds to catch up is no problem. However, when the wheel remains for 10+ seconds or even minutes at a time, something is not right.


If the wheel appears too often, something is wrong. Something is making the Mac work much harder than it is supposed to be working.


This can be caused by a number of things, including malware, software corruption, incompatible software, etc.


TekWizard can remotely access your computer and analyse your system to work out what is causing the problem and put a fix in place.


This service costs only £100 and should take around two hours. If it takes longer, we charge nothing more.


Click here to book a convenient time for us to carry out this work.


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