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Set up iCloud


So what is iCloud?  And why should you be using it?


iCloud has one purpose: to keep your data in sync with all your devices.  iCloud, as the name suggested, stores your data (securely) in the cloud.  This means it’s stored on Apple’s servers.  It then allows you to access that data from the Web (via, your Mac, your iPhone or your iPad.  If you edit a file on one of your devices, that change is ‘synced’ back to iCloud and then iCloud sends that update to all your devices.


So you can ask Siri on your iPhone to create an appointment for you.  Your iPhone adds it to your iPhone calendar and then sends that update to iCloud.  iCloud updates the web version of your calendar and then updates your Mac’s calendar too.  If you change the calendar entry on the Mac, it updates, via iCloud, your iPhone.  And your iPad.


You get the idea.


Contrary to some views, iCloud is not a backup system.  Although it does keep a copy of your data in the cloud, it’s only for syncing purposes.  So if you accidentally delete something on your iPad, iCloud dutifully deletes it from all your devices.  If you want a backup system, you need Time Machine.


TekWizard can configure your Mac to work with iCloud so your files sync automatically.  We can also generally guide you through setting your iPad and / or iPhone to do the same.

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