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Sextortion and other blackmail


There's little scarier than receiving a message telling you that your

Mac has been hacked and then being blackmailed by the hacker to

send them money or naked pictures of yourself, or both.


In most cases, the blackmailer claims to have recorded video of you while you visited

porn web sites; they threaten to destroy your life by sending copies of those pictures to

all your friends, family and other contacts unless you bow to their demands.


Blackmailers bank on you being very scared, and too embarrassed to tell anyone what has happened, so that you will comply with their demands unquestioningly.


Surprisingly, the vast majority of eMails claiming your Mac has been hacked are false. All the blackmailer has to do is trick you into believing that if you don't send them 'more' naked photos, or the money they've demanded, they'll publish the other (non-existent) photos.


So if you're being blackmailed, what should you do?


(1) Do not send them any naked photos, or money, no matter what they threaten you with. If you send them pictures, they will keep demanding more.


(2) Contact TekWizard; we can check your Mac to establish whether the blackmailer's claims are likely to be true or not. If they are not, you're safe and only need to ensure your Mac is protected from possible future attacks. We can help you secure your Mac from possible attacks in the future and, if the blackmailer's claims are true, we can help you secure evidence that will support a police investigation.


(3) If the blackmailer already has naked photos of you, you should contact the police. Even if their claim is false, you can also report the matter to the police, although as malicious eMails go out by the millions, it's likely that the police can only log the report and not locate the blackmailer.


Remember that you do not need to be embarrassed about talking to TekWizard regarding this kind of attack. Surveys show that the vast majority of people have accessed porn sites, and many do so regularly. Many people find it exciting to swap naked pictures of each other and assume that the person they are sending those photos to will never show them to anyone else. In short, it's "normal" for people to watch porn and/or swap nude images, so don't feel ashamed if you have done so too.


Rule of thumb: Never send any photos or videos of yourself that, if they were shown to other people, would really upset you. That way, you can't be blackmailed even if someone else does obtain copies.

This service costs only £50 and should take around an hour. If it takes longer, we charge nothing more.


Click here to book a convenient time for us to carry out this work.


TekWizard is here for you.

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