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Transfer your data to a new Mac

Congratulations!  You've upgraded to a new Mac computer! Now you want to move all the information from your old Mac to your new one.  Obviously, for a seamless experience, you want your new Mac to work pretty much like your old one - but much better!


This means that everything that's on your old Mac – your documents, files, photos, music, applications and even your preferences – needs to go onto your new Mac.

TekWizard can do all this for you.  Just bring us both your computers (or your new computer and an up-to-date and complete Time Machine backup), and we'll get to work. Alternatively, if you're local to us, we can collect the computers from you. If neither of the above is feasible,  we can talk you through the whole process by phone.


We charge only £50 for this service.

Click here to book an appointment.

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