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Remove Malware


Malware is the umbrella name for various different

types of malicious software including:


  • Viruses

  • Ransomware 

  • Adware 

  • Trojan horses 

  • Spyware 

  • ... and others.




It can be relatively innocuous (perhaps only displaying extra adverts on your screen or changing your home page in your browser) or much more severe (it might attempt to monitor your computer activity, steal your passwords, take money from your bank account, etc.). In some cases, ransomware can even stop you from accessing your files, and then money is demanded to regain access.


In short, malware is bad. And you don't want it. It's one of the most common causes of your Mac computer running poorly.


Luckily Mac computers are not subject to as much malware as Windows PCs, as Apple has built a lot of protection into their operating system, but Macs are not immune to everything.


TekWizard can search for and destroy Mac malware remotely. This means that you don't need to pay any call-out charges, and you don't need to take your computer into a shop.


This service costs only £50 and should take around an hour. If it takes longer, we charge nothing more.


Click here to book a convenient time for us to carry out this work.

Alternatively, to consider a full software service (which includes malware removal) click here.

Mac with a virus
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