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Speed up slow Mac

A slow Mac can be a result of data corruption, malware, lack of disk space, incompatible applications and much more.



Mac Crashing?

When an application unexpectedly quits, this is known as a 'crash'. We can fix it. While we charge £80, we give a refund for unused time if it takes less than two hours.


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eMail problems?

eMailing not arriving or sending properly?  We're ready to get it working again for you.


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Set up iCloud

iCloud is great for syncing your data between devices but it can be confusing to set up.  We can do that for you.


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'MOT & Full Service'

Bring your Mac to peak performance with a full 'MOT and service'.



Malware Removal

Macs get far less malware than Windows PCs, but they are not immune.

We can remove this for you.



Time Machine Backup

If you don't have a backup copy of your data, and something goes wrong, you can lose everything. We can help you set up a backup system.



Sextortion & Blackmail

There's little scarier than someone threatening you with sextortion & other blackmail. We're here for you.


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Spinning Rainbow Wheel?

Is the dreaded Beach Ball of Doom haunting you? Get it fixed!


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Upgrade your Mac's
Operating System

As your Mac gets older, keep its Operating System up to date.


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Need to get organised?

Trying to keep track of all your data can be complex; you need a good filing system for your Mac.  We can help you organise this.


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Prepare Mac for resale

TekWizard can guide you through the process of removing your private data and returning your old Mac to factory settings.


Mac help and support for these and many other issues from the comfort of your own home or office; evenings, weekends, and holidays included.